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Carclo offers a wide variety of optics / lenses and holders for LED lighting.... Primarily intended for use with the Lumileds LUXEON high power line.

As far as I am aware, Lumileds only offers one optic or collimator for use with their line : The NX-05, which is a 10 degree unit. 

They originally offered another optic, the NX-01 which some people prefer, but now have literally become "collectors items" (No, I don't know if the optic was designed by a "trekkie" who gave it the same number as the Starship enterprise).  In fact, now,  some people at Lumileds now even deny that the NX-01 ever existed!!!!!

Fraen offers a somewhat wider selection of optics, but Carclo seems to offer an even wider variety (with a few VERY special ones) and at a lower cost.

I'll describe each in order of their product number below.  (One that I won't delve into is their #10034 fiber coupling unit:  It is intended for use with fiber optics, not much use for anything else, and I don't even have a sample to work with).

#10003 Is a 6 degree Optic offering a narrower, brighter and longer throwing beam than the NX-05.  It is 20mm in diameter and visually nearly identical to the NX-05.  They will fit in the same holders so they are the same physical size as well.

Actual measurements of the optic give a .7745 inch diameter (not counting the little tab) and .390 in. "height"

Here are some photos of the 6 optic in various "poses":
(All clickable for larger view)

10003a.jpg (37529 bytes)  10003B.jpg (38980 bytes)  10003C.jpg (39284 bytes)

Here is a beam shot of one at 15 feet from the target.
(All Photos are "Clickable" for a larger view... they will be more "true to life than these thumbnails)
28.jpg (87452 bytes)

All of the 15 ft. range, 20mm diameter optic beamshots and LUX measurements are with a TXOK binned Luxeon III , and slightly overdriven direct drive on three fully charged NiMH batteries or on slightly used alkaline C cells.
(More info on the beamshots will be available on the Beamshots page)

Here is a beamshot at 120 ft:
(same batteries as above, just a minute or three more used.)

Just so you know, this is the AMBIENT lighting for all the  120 ft beamshots:
120-1.jpg (17327 bytes)
The orange glow on the side of the house is from a sodium street lamp up the hill about 75 yards away, and the brighter yellow glow center left is a light left on in the target house, which is painted a light yellow color with some white trim.  The white square in the center of the beamshots is my usual beamshot target of white foamboard 20 X 30 inches.  It is way; 60 ft from light /camera position and the side of the yellow house.

More beam shots are coming:  I have two different "environments" photographed that just need to be processed, and still need to do 1 meter shots for all of the lights,  and ~100 yard/meter "throw" shots for the optics / flashlights that are capable of going that distance.

#10003 -15  Is the medium round beam 20mm diameter optic.  With a  beam of 15, it is a little wider than the NX-05 and less "throw".  Still quite useful for general flashlight use.

10003-15A.jpg (36945 bytes)  10003-15B.jpg (107211 bytes)

15 ft beamshot:  30.jpg (90495 bytes)   120ft beamshot: 120-19.jpg (29378 bytes)

#10003-25 is the widest* beam of the 20mm Carclo optics.  Bordering on too wide to be used by itself for outdoor use where "throw" can be important, it is still pretty decent for use inside the home or other more confined areas, and quite good for close up work like reading etc. where a narrower beam gives TOO bright a hotspot and not enough "spill".

Although even with this much beam spread, the TXOK gives a 35 - 50% higher 1M LUX reading than many 1 Watt Luxeon flashlights.

10003-25A.jpg (37405 bytes)  10003-25B.jpg (95700 bytes)
If you acquire both 15 and 25 optics, be sure and keep them labeled and separate: I can't tell them apart without doing an actual beam comparison.

15 ft Beamshot:  31.jpg (86810 bytes)  120 ft beamshot: 120-20.jpg (25775 bytes)

#10003 - L25  This is a really neat optic:  It projects a 6 X 25 linear beam.  With it, you can "have your cake and eat it too"  It gives good "throw" and a *wide 25"spill" at the same time.  And with a twist of your wrist, a rotation of the light, you control the directionality of the beam.

Like for instance, you are walking through the woods and want to have the path in front of you nice and bright right from the tips of your toes to as far as the trees and brush will allow, AND you want to avoid poking your eyes out or knocking your hat off with branches on the trees:  You just orient the beam so that it is vertical. 

On that same walk, you hear a noise somewhere  nearby, but your ears can't quite pinpoint it, or you are looking for a trail marker or something:  Rotate the beam for a horizontal spread, and you get a wide field of view.

 32.jpg (91879 bytes)  33.jpg (78402 bytes)  < 15 ft beamshots

120-21.jpg (33420 bytes)  120-22.jpg (26480 bytes)   < 120ft beamshots

Some of the shots I already have, but haven't had time to process yet should give an even more dramatic illustration of how useful this beam pattern is.  I'll try to get them posted in a few days.


Unless you are REALLY into fabricating, you will probably want to get a holder for your optics.  Click here to view them.

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